Mamoni’s journey…

Literally, Mamoni insinuates to warmth, affection and amiability of someone revered; all things the creator of Mamoni is. Started as a domestic venture by Mrs. Mamoni Gogoi some 15-20 years back, Mamoni’s advance as a proficient business of marketing home-made, hand-crafted chocolates.

Mamoni’s is fuelled by Mrs. Gogoi’s thus far passion to feed good quality yet affordable chocolates to the masses. Initially motored by her family’s support, she discovered utter bliss in beautifully packaging a delectable selection of chocolates and marketing it under her name. With 10 years’ experience of teaching the art of making impeccable and beautifully crafted chocolates in her kitty, Mamoni Gogoi is an expert in balancing the delicate flavours of chocolate.

With experience comes experimented results and that is precisely what Mrs. Gogoi’s driving force has been all along; experimenting with different and unusual flavours to create a blast of smack in the mouth.

At Mamoni’s, we believe that a mother’s hand is a powerhouse of flavours and this philosophy, drives the luscious art of chocolate-making at Mamoni’s.