From Mamoni’s Kitchen

From Mamoni’s Kitchen

We hand-craft a plethora a chocolates ranging from the good old plain chocolate to contemporary flavoured chocolates. We also have on offer, center-filled chocolates and rocky chocolates for those who love their chocolate a little rustic.

All chocolates are hand-crafted, made on order and as in-house preparations, under strict quality control.

You’ll never end up having just one…

Why eat chocolate?

Chocolates are the one thing that comes instantly to anyone’s mind when they talk about comfort food. People say eating chocolates makes them feel good. This reasons well with the fact that it’s called the ‘Food of Gods’. Sure it consoles you to no extent; but, ever wondered why eating chocolates makes you feel good?

Let’s crack this theory.

Our brain secretes a chemical called ‘Phenyl ethylamine’ that helps the brain secrete endorphins & dopamine- the feel-good hormones. Chocolate is loaded with this chemical and makes you happy; immediately lifting your spirits and making your mood all good.

Research has shown that a little dark chocolate a day keeps your heart healthy and prevents stroke by unclogging the arteries.

For the ladies? Chocolate is the superfood that will keep your skin young and healthy; thanks to it’s anti-oxidant properties.

Also, decoding the myth that eating chocolates makes you fat; a little chocolate a day can make you lose fat by reducing the appetite. Eating a small slab of chocolate prior to your meal can reduce your hunger and reduce your calorie intake as chocolates contain an appetite reducer called XCT oil.

So choose your fix! Get your chocolate off Mamoni’s and indulge in the goodness of it..